Access to your Google Documents drive and GMail by the CloudKnowtation Google Chrome browser extension is controlled solely by the application itself running on your personal computer. Neither CloudKnowtation, Inc. nor any other third party has any access to your data. All access is via a secure https encrypted connection and a token, not your actual password.

Access to individual notes is completely under user control and access must be granted explicitly on a note by note basis. Neither the extension, nor CloudKnowtation nor any other third party can grant access to your notes.

You must explicitly grant the application access to your Google Documents drive and GMail system. Neither the extension itself, CloudKnowtation, Inc, nor any third party can grant this access. It must be explicitly granted by you alone and only the application running on your personal computer can gain access to your files.

Access can be revoked through the Google Chrome Browser Extension Manager at chrome://extensions/.

Communiations between the extension and the user's Google Documents drive is via encrypted, secure https.